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Founded in 1993 by Macro as a division, Macro Electro is a  technology, product and systems integration firm that helps industrial and product developing companies improve operational performance and profitability. Being a technology, product and system integration firm closes the gap between industry and consumer.

Macro Electro has created successful models for product development, manufacturing, distribution, joint ventures and operational services. 

Being a global technology, product and system integration company. Committed to helping businesses become more adaptive, competitive and profitable, we help our clients achieve sustained growth through the intelligent application of technology solutions. Leading the way in implementing and managing technology, we partner with industry leaders to expand our capabilities and value for our customers. Lines of business include technology integration services for applications and hardware; advisory services for optimizing investments; outsourcing services with local, national and international capabilities.

For over many years, Macro has helped companies achieve results through  technology implementation and manufacturing. Macro’s global  model for technology, product implementation and integration help companies increase project quality, reduce project cost and speed time to market.

Our commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction are pillars of our corporate culture.

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In a complex technology world simplicity became our trademark